Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall Fashion Preview: version deux

The reincarnation of heat wave 2012 this week in Minneapolis only makes me more excited for fall. I recently found a Dos and Don'ts article for Fall Fashion on Glamour that I thought was worthy of review and discussion. Bring It ON!

1. DO: Dress up your cozy knits
I love this suggestion. Seems like a no-brainer but I think a lot of people forget about their accessories come fall and winter. With all of the clothing we have to stack on to stay warm I can't blame them. However, it is important to accessorize and personalize even deep into winter.
While Glamour suggests to spice it up with a skirt or fancy jean, I think accessories are key. A lightweight sweater with a statement necklace or printed scarf and jeans is always fun. If you choose the skirt route, pick something that will contrast your top ie: a chunky, knit sweater with a thin pencil skirt or a lightweight sweater with a voluminous skirt.
To make the looks below work in sub zero temps it would be appropriate to pick tights and boots to keep warm.
J. Crew Fall 2012
2. DON'T: A don't that is a do: statement collar. This is exactly the accessory appropriate for our frigid temperatures. A no fuss solution if you are the girl who gets annoyed by the bulk.

Here are a few options: 

Forever 21 Sequin Collar
Kate Spade Collar via Nordstroms

H&M Faux Fur Collar
3. Do: rethink quilted.
As Glamour recommends, this is a good option for reuse but some attention to detail is necessary. If you are unsure about a skirt or jacket option, you can take a test drive with a purse or flats.

Great jacket options:


Forever 21 Chain Quilted Jacket
Wallis Fashion Quilted Biker Jacket

Mango Quilted Jacket
4. Don't: save the bright colors for spring.
This summer was hot and bright. If you have fun pieces you are not ready to part with like neon heels or a bright printed scarf, have no fear you can use them throughout fall! Keep it HOT!

Skipping looks five and six...(simply I am too excited about look seven)

7. Do: WINE
I am not a tough one to convince with this trend. WINE. WINE. WINE. I love to drink it. I love the color. It looks great on everyone! It's versatile- you can wear any piece in your closet in this shade.


Forever 21 Collared Dress


J Brand Textured Jeans via Piperlime

Steffen Schraut blouse via Stylebop
8. DON'T: ditch the peplum trend just yet.
LOVE that the fashion gods have decided to let me keep my peplum dress and tops for fall. I adore this very cute, and ladylike trend.

9. DO: incorporate yummy textures.
Fur, angora, mohair and cashmere. If you can't afford the luxe styles faux is always acceptable. I have a fur vest from h&m from last year that I am dying to bust out for another few months!

Chic suede gloves via h&m

Mohair Sweater
Fuzzy scarf
skipping to the last noteworthy trend

10. DON'T: play it safe with your handbag
I appreciate this suggestion however, I won't be likely to go out and buy any sort of standout handbag. I have a large collection of vintage leather coach purses to which I am very loyal. I haven't carried anything else for years. If I had the funds I would spring for...

Legacy Leather Duffle by Coach

'Spot On' Crossbody Bag via Marc by Marc Jacobs

Faille and Resin Shoulder Bag by Tory Burch

We did make it to the mall for some fall must-haves recently...and at the tail end of the week the weather is supposed to cool down. Perhaps we'll debut some of our new items!

Which fall trends are you looking forward to? Are you daunted by any of these?