Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Birthday Boy!

The little fluffy munchkin featured on this blog is about to turn 1 this weekend! That's right, the most adorable Pomeranian is growing up (much to his mother's dismay). Here's a look back at his first year!

I cannot believe almost one year ago my favorite little boy was born. He has changed my life in the best way possible!

Kingston 12.2.11

Happy Birthday my sweetie! Mommy loves you  =0 and so does Auntie G. 


(If you are at all interested in a Pomeranian of your own I am happy to help you reach Kingston's breeder here in Minnesota. Email me at

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Music Wednesday--must see!

I'm slightly off our usual template but... I had to post about our most recent concert because of something I just saw!

Passion Pit
Look at these dashing lads. HOLY COW!

We saw them a few weeks ago at our clutch venue First Ave and despite a small mishap towards the end with their PA system they were phenomenal. We danced our tails off and they provided a wonderful time. I nearly forgot to do a post about the show until I saw this ad for Brooks Brothers. yeeeeooowwwww.

It was a cold night so we swung into a local pub close by to warm up before the show...

Hot Toddy 

Michael Angelakos

G took some video at the show so hopefully she'll be by soon to show off the experience!

Check out their latest album Gossamer and their first single:

Take A Walk