Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Music Wednesday--must see!

I'm slightly off our usual template but... I had to post about our most recent concert because of something I just saw!

Passion Pit
Look at these dashing lads. HOLY COW!

We saw them a few weeks ago at our clutch venue First Ave and despite a small mishap towards the end with their PA system they were phenomenal. We danced our tails off and they provided a wonderful time. I nearly forgot to do a post about the show until I saw this ad for Brooks Brothers. yeeeeooowwwww.

It was a cold night so we swung into a local pub close by to warm up before the show...

Hot Toddy 

Michael Angelakos

G took some video at the show so hopefully she'll be by soon to show off the experience!

Check out their latest album Gossamer and their first single:

Take A Walk