Wednesday, September 5, 2012


legacy [leg - uh - see] noun, plural

1. Law a gift of property, especially personal property, as money, by will, a bequest.
2. anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor: the legacy of ancient Rome.

An interesting word is it not? When I think of legacy my mind jumps to many things...the way I wish to lead my life -> by example of my grandmother and other women in my family, Team USA a force to be reckoned with; those Olympians(!), Diane Von Furstenberg is there anyone more inspiring in the world of fashion, and my beloved Green Bay Packers.
I know what you are thinking... really? she started this with the definition of legacy, a title that would lend some to think of a deep or inspirational post. Well to me it is. And you are in no way inconvenienced by continuing to read... you are in fact, enlightened, to the best football team in the entire world.

The Green Bay Packers. What you should know:

It all started in 1919 with Curly Lambeau (hence Lambeau Field) and a handful of eager athletes. They organized in the Green Bay Press-Gazette building. Lambeau's employer, Indian Packing Company, donated the money for jerseys and they therefore became the Packer's and called the company's athletic field their first home. After a number of setbacks and a near loss of the 'franchise' Lambeau lobbied town businessmen and formed the Green Bay Packer Football Corporation.

The team's website details  the 89-year saga, highlighting thirteen world championship titles, the Lombardi era, the years of Holmgren and Favre, up to the spectacular run of Mike McCarthy, Aaron Rodgers, Ted Thompson and the rest of the best team in the National Football League.

Green Bay Packers 2012 
Another trait that makes this team undeniably appealing..? It is the people's team. The Packers are owned by the people. I myself, have a joint share of Packers stock with my father. It is something that I cherish. I feel it is apart of who I am as a native of Wisconsin, a Packer fan. We all are. Fans step out in minimal clothing, green and yellow, in sub-zero temperatures, with plenty of Spotted Cow, cheese and pride, to watch this team march down the field in stellar fashion.

Their 2012 schedule proves to be challenging but the roster definitely makes it less daunting.

And last but most certainly not least... who is my favorite Packer?

The hunk-a-saurus known as Clay Matthews

Wipe the drool....

So if you are not into football, I apologize, you are missing out. If you are slightly interested but not quite sure who to root for, your welcome...I presume you convinced. And why the title you ask? Because love for the Packers is continuously handed down from the past, in my case from my die-hard Father.

This Sunday you can find me in front of the TV sportin' green and yellow!