Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Design Dreams

As previously stated, G and I are currently in the process of a move. We are eagerly awaiting our transition from our respective communities to join Uptown. We found a quaint, inclusive, garden level apartment in a charming 1900s yellow mansion.. (pictures to follow).

We shot each other an excited look when our landlords, who conveniently live next door, told us they have an Au Pair for their children who is from Mexico. That's all too appropriate for us since we both long to practice speaking Spanish.

On to the purpose of this post: Design. For this here ramble, we appreciate any and all: input, suggestions, comments, ideas, etc. G and I have an established taste in housewares and accessories, both very expensive, but we have managed to curate our places with finds from the thrift shops and hand-me-downs. We enjoy random paintings and artwork, brass trinkets, and blankets of all kinds. It should be interesting combining everything we already have.

A few things still on our list:

TV Stand/Entertainment Center
We get it. We could find this easily at IKEA but we feel more creative than that. Any suggestions? Perhaps a refab is in store if we should find one at the thrift shop, but you can't count on that. I tend to drift towards pieces like these:

But I don't have $200 to spend on the thrift shop we go!

Bar Cart  (FOUND)

I hunted for a bar cart forever. I was not expecting to find one when I did but I had to grab it... a whopping $4 pricetag was too hard to deny. It needed some work so I took it home with me...about $12 worth of spray paint and my eager father was all it took to transform it. I intended to do it myself, but mister-fix-it (aka my dad) who apparently doesn't have enough to do around the house, spray painted the entire thing for me.


wretched fake wood grain and missing a few screws: plenty of potential

Much better: may improve with gold leaf on the handles

I have a plethora of glassware of the art-deco sort and an ice bucket that is gold + black. I might try a contrasting framed vintage Vogue cover that has a silver frame above it... or perhaps glass shelves to display the glassware? The top tray will have a couple bottles of liquor but what would be most appropriate for the bottom tray? I don't want to hide my beautiful glasses down there... maybe accessories? Shaker glass, stir sticks and the ice bucket? HELP!

This proves to be a tough one. We do not have the measurements of the space so we haven't looked yet but I am going to hit up the Salvation Army and hope to find a gem.

I was thinking one like this Horchow Beaut but...not quite in our price range.

Commence conflict between G and I... I think we should paint a room in our house. Green. She says it too much work. I say little work for much pleasure.

source unknown

Domino Magazine

Courtesy Anna Rifle Bond of Rifle Paper Co

 An animal
Yeah, I know what you are thinking.. and no we are not getting rid of Kingston. I mean a mount of some sort...

Domino Magazine
Luckily I received a tiny antique one from my Dad that is actually a hand-me-down, along with some antlers that were 'not big enough to use for hunting anymore.' K, Dad... we'll project them.

source unknown

Something divine. Huge. Inspiring. Super Green.

Domino Magazine

 Today was/is moving day for both of us. I am exhausted and have just a handful of things left to transport. For G the process is just beginning. Oh and Kingston, HATES moving. I don't blame him... but he's been a basket case these last two days... Almost over love <3

Have a lovely Labor Day Weekend! New posts to come FNO (from now on) via our palace right on Pleasant Avenue.

P.S. By the way, saw the sexiest fox today when I turned on our street... hope he is our new neighbor.