Monday, August 20, 2012

Music Monday: Basilica Block Party

Mondays are magically becoming my favorite. As previously stated, we had a delightful July that was full of concerts and outings. During the first sweaty weekend we took in a number of shows over at the Basilica Block Party.
18 years in the making, we saw the lineup and knew it was a no brainer. From Tyrone Wells, to Train, to the Lumineers, the bands were outstanding. Last year's favorite, Fitz and the Tantrums threw a party to say the very least. This song got everyone moving:


There are too many to mention but they all put on fantastic shows. Lumineers Lead singer Wesley Schultz has the most timeless, and eclectic voice. With support from bandmates Jeremiah and Neyla, and hopeless devotion, they began playing in gritty bars and pubs in Denver, Colorado. Their personal site describes their sound as "heart-swelling stomp-and-clap acoustic rock, classic pop, and pitch-fork folk." You can learn more about them there.
My favorite from them:
"Dead Sea"

The Lumineers at BBP

 Another favorite was The Head and the Heart. With their very own sound unique to anything else out there they strummed something so fantastic we'll be seeing them here again in September. We'll highlight them on an upcoming Music Monday but for a taste:

"Sounds like Hallelujah"

"Down in the Valley"

And of course there was Train. Never really a stand out for me based on what I heard on the radio but boy were they fun. Our favorite was:


On to the next one: Imagine Dragons. Gina's going to take the reins on this one...

...So, I'd like to think Hannah & I were one of the earlier fans of Imagine Dragons, an amazing band based out of Las Vegas. I got to see them at Triple Rock earlier this year, where they were merely the opening act for The Jezabels. I dragged my friend along, since Hannah was working, and we talked with the boys after the show. I cannot stress enough how nice and genuine these dudes are. So of course I was thrilled to hear they'd be at Basilica Block Party. I parked myself in the center of the crowd, on top of a hill for ample viewing pleasure. And boy oh boy, did they deliver. Dan Reynolds, lead singer of the band, bangs along on a giant bass drum and occasionally a snare drum while he belts the set. I love that each song has its own flavor: "It's Time" has a unique and very addictive stomping/clapping rhythm, "Radioactive" has a very dubstep feel to it, and "On Top of the World" is a staple feel-good anthem. Seriously, so good. I'm so excited to hear their new album, "Night Visions", which drops September 4th, and to see them back in Minneapolis at the Varsity Theater on September 25th. Hold on to your hats, folks.

Imagine Dragons rocking it at Basilica Block Party

"It's Time"

Another band that made it to BBP was Graffiti6, a British collaboration between Jamie Scott (vocals, guitar) and Tommy Danvers (producer/songwriter). I honestly love this band. Graffiti6 tracks are very funkadelic, feel-good tunes you can dance to. And plus, Jamie Scott isn't too bad to look at. I'm just sayin'. The performance was good--not as rockin' as Imagine Dragons, but I think most of the crowd isn't as familiar with Graffiti6 yet, but I have a feeling that won't last long...

Pano shot of Graffiti6 set


BBP ended with O.A.R. and the Avett Brothers as the two headliners. It stinks that you could only really chose one or the other (this was a reoccurring problem throughout the weekend...), but in the end a group of us went with O.A.R., and I do not regret it one single bit. The band put on a great show and, even though it was impossible for me to see anything, I still had a blast dancing the night away to "Shattered", "Heaven", "Crazy Game of Poker" and so on. It was definitely a fun and vibrant way to cap off a great, albeit hot and sticky, festival.


Jerry DePizzo of O.A.R.