Monday, October 15, 2012

Music Monday: Mumford & Sons

Disclaimer: We at Girl Palace strive to bring you the BEST music with our Music Monday series. Beware, this is one of the best we will post ever.

As of 24th of September I found my most recent obsession: Babel. What is Babel you might ask? No, not the 2006  movie featuring Brad Pitt, no not the ancient city in the land of Shinar, but the sophomore album released by none other than Mumford & Sons.

If you are unfamiliar with the aforementioned group please, take the time to read this lengthy post in full, you will not be disappointed.

As I said, Babel is the follow up album from these cuties.

Their debut, Sigh No More, was enough to get me interested and I knew it wouldn't take much to achieve adoration but Babel has led to pure obsession.

Sigh No More is a complete labor of love. It is painful and touching and artistic and raw. None of these qualities are absent in Babel but it is a departure from the freshman project. If at all possible,  Marcus Mumford and his comrades have exceeded harmonic perfection and topped it with sentiment. The reflective compositions show a vulnerability only achievable with the effortless, raspy, addicting voice of Marcus Mumford.
Their sound is similar to that when they emerged but maturation is obvious and the familiarity of their hum is more impressive with each listen. There are plenty of critics out there saying they managed to fill an entire album with the same sound and songs with different words, I disagree. I am a lover. This will be purchased on vinyl and blasted throughout our apartment as G becomes familiar with tracks and eventually falls in love as well.

My first obsession:

"Below My Feet"

I also enjoy the title track "Babel" and "Lover of the Light." I do listen from start to finish though without skipping a single track. They are releasing new tour dates every week--you can bet on us purchasing tickets when they come through Minneapolis! < Hopefully soon.

Check these guys out!