Thursday, October 11, 2012

Girl Palace DIY: Terrarium

I was inspired by a DIY I saw on Design Sponge recently here. So I set out in search of an ugly lamp. I knew I would find one at a thrift shop.

My find:

Not pretty at all in lamp form. These lamps remind me of poorly decorated homes in subdivisions all over America. I couldn't say no to the $3.99 price tag, especially since it was 50% off for the Columbus Day Sale!

Another view of the guts... I was not sure at the outset how I would dislodge the fixture from the inside...

The process:

I tugged and twisted and yanked and pulled and eventually it gave way. All it took was a snip of the scissors and out came the lights.

The planting:

I went to Home Depot and bought potting soil, succulents, and moss. I found rocks outside and reused a saucer from a broken pot to put underneath.

The finished look:

So beautiful! I will most certainly be finding more lamps in different shapes and trying this more. Perhaps they would make a nice Christmas gift for a few friends?

The terrarium sits next to this sweet little pepper plant in a chevron pot I spray painted last summer!

Stay tuned for a peek inside the Girl Palace ITSELF later this week!

Will you try a DIY? What have you been dying to make?!