Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More Boots, Please

Besides jumping in piles of leaves and visiting pumpkin patches, one of my favorite reasons for fall is fall fashions: sweaters, hats, scarfs, jeans, jackets, vests, and one of my faves...BOOTS. To me, boots are the epitome of fall fashion--wear a pair of equestrian boots with leggings and an oversized sweater or combats with black jeans and denim button up. I love expressing my personal style with all types of shoes, and boots are the perfect for comfort, warmth and style in the coming fall season.

G's Boot Collection:

Steve Madden, Intyce Boot $129 @nordstrom.com

I have had these boots for probably almost 3 years now, and the soles are honestly peeling off so badly I've taken gaffer's tape [see below] to them and refuse to throw them away. I love these puppies so much I'm considering buying the same pair all over again. Highly recommend.

See? Not lying about my sad attempts, here.

Frye, Veronica Back Zip, $367.95 @ nordstrom.com

I usually would not own such an expensive pair of boots but a past coworker of mine very graciously offered them to me when they did not fit her. Lucky? yes, very lucky. Frye boots are freakin' awesome.

Born, Karin, $47.25 @ ebay.com

This purchase was inspired by a pair of boots my coworker had. Everyone I talked to said Born boots were not only great quality but known for their comfort. These are great. I usually pair them with my black pants and work great for an edgier, more casual look.

Sorel, Tivoli Plaid, $110 @ Sports Authority

I love these boots so much I've already worn this fall. And yeah, it's barely fall. The second the thermometer dipped just below 60 degrees, in slipped my little toes into these fuzzy bundles of warmth and happiness. There are so many different styles of Sorel boots, and they definitely are great for a warm yet fashionable choice for when the snow comes. These WILL be my footwear of choice for 90% of my days, November through February, there's no doubt there.

G's Wish List:

So yes, I think I have a great variety of boots going on, but what I'm currently dying for is a good combat boot and/or biker boot:

Steve Madden, Astoria, $149.95 @ Steve Madden

 Now these are on my wish list for a reason--the prices are way too high for my measly budget, but a girl can dream, right? These biker boots are great. I love the chunky, low heel, stud detail, and three buckles. I feel like I could kick someone's lily white butt in these kicks.
Steve Madden, Jaax, $159.95 @ Steve Madden

 These motorcycle boots are pretty sweet. I love the wide-ribbed knit inset detail and the zipper on the side. I can definitely pretend I'm Che Guevara (pre-Cuba), motorcyclin' my way through South America in these puppies.
Steve Madden, Tarnney, $149.95 @ Steve Madden
I made these the biggest because they are my faaaaaaaaavorite. I love the idea of sprucing up the basic combat with some studs on the toe and heel. I cannot describe how badly I want these expensively delicious shoes.

I'll keep y'all posted with my 2012 boot purchases. Who knows--maybe I'll get the guts to press the "purchase" button for one of these three pairs of boots on my wish list. Which one is your favorite? Which boots do YOU own or are DYING to buy?