Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mishap-Music Monday: The Civil Wars

Oops. We missed Music Monday. My apologies... hopefully what is to follow will make up for the delay, actually I am certain it will.

Behold a duo of the most magnificent geniuses.. 

The Civil Wars

Joy Williams and John Paul White
It doesn't get much more bare bones and beautiful than these two. They harmonize together as if they were conceived to be a musical duo. They don't use anyone but themselves. They travel with no band. They are described on their website with the most perfect words, "Each song is an intimate conversation, and no third wheels or dinner-party chatter are going to interrupt that gorgeous, haunting hush." Grey's Anatomy gave us a first taste of them in the foreground of a past episode, but country sensation Taylor Swift helped them skyrocket to the forefront when she tagged them in her iTunes playlist saying their track "Poison and Wine..." 
"...is my favorite duet. It's exquisite." 

They are something astounding, amazing, impeccable. I cannot get enough of them. It should also be mentioned, my most recent crush (yes, a boy) asked if he could play a favorite song for me. Of course you can! I responded. I want to know what kind of music you enjoy. Without seeing the screen of my phone I heard the angelic voice of Joy Williams and screamed "OMG The Civil Wars?! Are you the man of my dreams?!" Yes, yes he did play The Civil Wars. Big time brownie points, boy. =) 

He played....

Their debut CD Barton Hollow is a must. Check out their website too! I can only hope that they will make a stop in Minneapolis on their tour. I would die to have the chance to see this humble, majestic pair. 

I also learned that they won some Grammy Awards earlier this year for their collaboration with Taylor Swift on The Hunger Games Soundtrack, "Safe and Sound." MTV actually wrote a nice article about their debut on the music scene. 

What a lovely couple! 

Do you fancy their sound?