Tuesday, August 14, 2012

THE Cosmo Girl

Today is a day that affects us all. And by 'us' I am referring to the modern day woman-the fashion forward-the sexually driven-the open-minded-today's Cosmopolitan girl.

Helen Gurley Brown

We owe it to one of the most influential women of the last 50 years that we are all so comfortable in our skin. Beyond that, she paved the way for open sexual discussion outside of the private coffee table talk that we all participate in. She resembles Diane Von Furstenberg and has the appeal of Carmen Maura but she was an everyday girl like you and I when her husband's idea spurred the one-woman revolution. Her name was Helen Gurley Brown. If you are unaware of who she is: editor, publisher, and damn near saint. This lady has an outstanding resume.

To begin, her book. A  how-to manual of sorts for women who are single but do not want to be sexless or any less than those that are taken, married or in some other way committed.

Then her book was made into a movie. I've yet to see it but it says something that this book, that was outkast by several publishing houses was later made into a film version.

She was then recruited by Hearst magazines to turn around Cosmopolitan. She's quoted at the outset that her aim was to guide women, "how to get everything out of life -- the money, recognition, success, men prestige, authority, dignity -- whatever she is looking at through the glass her nose is pressed against." Obviously we all recognize Cosmo as a staple read, just depends at which point you read it. For me, it was a somewhat taboo mag that I read in highschool, hiding it from my mom a little because of its sexual content. Today I read it more for the fashion and random feel good articles. Nevertheless, Cosmo is right for women of all ages.

Today we pay homage to this tenacious and inspiring soul. I'll keep her insight and advice in mind as I search for my Mr. Right, obviously having as much of her recommended 'fun' along the way.

To read of all of her amazing achievements hop on over to this article: Former Cosmopolitan editor and author Helen Gurley Brown dies.

Somewhere her name should be in lights.