Monday, August 6, 2012

Music Monday: Dr. Dog

Behold: one of our greatest passions....MUSIC.

So each Monday we'll bring you a tale of something musical.

On this day we had three choices: the Olympic opening ceremonies, New Medicine concert at the Cabooze, or Dr. Dog at First Avenue Mainroom. After much deliberation we chose the latter of the three. Why? Well, I am not certain but, looking back it was quite the wise decision on our part.

The brief story of Dr. Dog by ME

Guitarist and vocalist Scott McMicken leads the bunch with his energetic yet raw sound and fierce dance moves *sigh.* Their website explains how McMicken and bass guitarist Toby Leamen met in the 8th grade. They played in barns and basements drawing massive hometown support. Today, far from their 8th grade days, McMicken says this, "At this point, we've set out this buffet for ourselves, but first we had to cook that food and figure out what our tastes are, now it's time to dig in." Their website goes on to explain the philosophy behind a handful of their tracks, all of which are addictive. Learn more here

So, we were sold on the ticket price and obsessed with a handful of songs. We were not prepared for what happened after the purchase. Shortly after I cashed in on the tickets online, SOLD OUT. Talk about nice timing. And then there was the show; PHENOM. Far beyond our expectations. As previously said, that McMicken... irresistible moves, like whoa.

If you have the opportunity to see these guys, do it.

Here are our favorite tracks: 


"The Breeze"

And if that wasn't enough... Feast your eyes on these

and wipe the drool.