Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Online Only Mags

Happy Hump Day!

Have you caught up on your online magazines for the month??
My favorite monthly reads are:

Matchbook Magazine
Lonny Magazine
Domino Magazine (lucky for us, this month IS a print edition)

Matchbook Magazine this month...lovely. I adore the layout and friendly appeal of this online mag. One of my favorite features are their monthly calendars, reminding us of things from the debut of Friends to National Strawberry Cream Pie Day.
This month they highlight The Icon: the smoking slipper. A classic staple that takes some practice to style, but very worth it and standout when done correctly.


shoes c/o Steve Madden



c/o Alloy


c/o Cobra Society via Saks

c/o Tory Burch via Bloomingdales

I also adore their Equestrian styled section....see my post later this week about this trend! They also have an article with The Curiosity Shoppe out of San Francisco (if you've been paying attention to all things Target, you know this is their partner shop!) and the ladies of Current/Elliot.

Lonny Magazine this always has the most stunning interior design photos. There is one of a dining room that reminded me I always wanted to get a black lamp shade and cover the inside with gold leaf...wouldn't that be nice and shiny!!?! It is also nice that you can hover over the items and it will let you know where it is from and the cost!
Then there is a divine set of photos Garden of Earthly with spectacular colors and ornate objects that look just like scenes out of  Eat, Pray, Love when Julia Roberts is in Bali. So lovely. I'm dying over the buddah on page 113....and all of the fresh greenery. G and I just bought a giant tree for our living room and some other small plants--its amazing the affect it has on the entire space. And don't even get me started on the Ariane Goldman home...holy moly.

If you need some inspiration or just something to brighten your day... check these out!

And Domino is in print so I need to get to went to Barnes and Noble...

Reading this on the in-between while at work 
 Grabbed this beaut while I was at it...
October 2012

We took an impromptu trip to Home Goods just the other night... oops. We each ended up with a buddha, Kingston got a new bed and G ran out with an owl statue she just had to have.

Hope you are having a nice hump day!