Friday, September 14, 2012

Freaky Friday: SSFF

And a freaky friday it is indeed. G was up until the wee hours of the morning ordering the new iPhone 5... and I went to bed far too late. It will be and interesting day...

Sights: Our new palace

...pending room cleaning....

here are a few things we purchased for the apartment (not including the knicky-knacky trip I took yesterday for some more unnecessary adorable items):

Butterfly Poster that hangs in Hannah's room $12 via ikea

Easel that sits in the hall for impromptu art sessions $14.99 via ikea
Sheepskin throw for some pizzazz on the sofa via ikea

Sounds: Tyler Lyle

The genius behind The Golden Age & the Silver Girl aka my new addiction. This guy has some serious sex appeal. He has a sort of raspy voice a la Dave Matthews but with a hint of twang, and dose of attitude. And he is such a precious guy. He has a thoughts section on his website with his own musings... on May 17th he wrote,

"Got two songs placed on internationally syndicated shows in the span of a week. Last week I saw a man die on the sidewalk in front of my apartment from what looked like a heart attack. Next week I return to Atlanta with a plan to make an album and re-visit the trucker bar and record store and the pasture lands which are entire districts of my anatomical geography. Life is too difficult and too expansive to say anything about it definitively. One year is nothing and a day is enough to change someone entirely. Enough thoughts. I have to buy frozen pizza for game night."

What a thoughtful guy. Once arrested for Occupy LA, it seems he's rather forward and passionate, which comes through in his music. The title track from his CD is my favorite.

Flaves: Failed batch of chocolate chip cookies

There's nothing like craving something and heading home to make it and ruining it. Such was the case when G and I were at the Co-Op the other night. I decided we must make chocolate chip cookies at 10pm. We purchased the ingredients there. When we got home I followed the instructions from a recipe online but the cookies turned out to be more like a thin, cookie, brownie. How?? Then the other night I took our left over dough and created a giant cookie-brownie. IT-WAS-DELISH. Crisis averted.

Favs: Buddha

As previously mentioned in my post from Wednesday, G and I took a trip to Home Goods and each came home with a buddha. I have been searching for one for quite some time... no not the chubby, smiling man with the coins all around him and fake bamboo. I wanted something more legitimate. I know, Home Goods is not necessarily legitimate but it feels more so and it has inspired me to seek information about buddha and his teachings.
What I understand so far is Siddhartha Gautama was the son of an Indian warrior king who led an extravegent life throughout most of his adolescence. As he became bored with his lavish lifestyle he wandered into the world in search of understanding and after a few encounters he concluded that suffering lay at the end of all existence. He gave up all of his lavish possessions and became a monk in hope of comprehending the truths of the world around him. After an epiphany he spent the remainder of his life traveling around India teaching what he had come to understand, the results of his pondering (if you will): The Four Noble Truths and other contributions to what we now know as Buddhism. These truths are explained as a contingency plan for dealing with the suffering humanity faces. Also a product of his insight is karma. Contrary to the modern opinion of karma, the Buddhist interpretation relates to good or evil actions a person takes during his or her lifetime rather than preordained fate.
The article I read also goes on to talk about The Cycle of Rebirth. Who knew this gorgeous white statue that now resides on my dresser would lead me to so much insight... lovely.
An interesting topic that I will further investigate.

Have you ever purchased something, perhaps during travels, that has opened you up to a new interest? Have you ever investigated the origins of things you own?

Hopefully this new knowledge will inspire you to investigate something new!
TGIF- have a glorious weekend everyone!