Wednesday, September 26, 2012


1. the act of anticipating or the state of being anticipated
2. realization in advance; foretaste
3. expectation or hope

I entitle this post this way because of the general feeling in our apartment. With regard to plenty of things but mostly our concert agenda for the next few months. While we missed out on a great show last night (Imagine Dragons) we have a lot to look forward to.


The Head and the Heart

First Avenue Mainroom 7:30pm SOLD OUT

Monday, October 1

Grizzly Bear

First Avenue Mainroom 7:30pm 
Monday, October 29

Passion Pit

First Avenue Mainroom 6:30pm SOLD OUT
Wednesday, December 12

Punch Brothers

First Avenue Mainroom 7:30pm 
Tuesday, December 18

Of Monsters and Men

First Avenue Mainroom 7:00pm SOLD OUT

I am sure we will find others in between but this is definitely putting a smile on our faces!

Do you have tickets to any upcoming concerts?